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Satellite database

Satellite database

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Assembled by experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the Satellite Database is a listing of the more than operational. Sat. ID, Name, Orbital status, Designation, Name in Spacetrack catalog, Orbit. 1, Sputnik 1 rocket, decayed, A, SL-1 R/B. 2, Sputnik 1, decayed. The International designator is an internationally agreed-upon naming convention for satellites. The designator contains the launch year, the launch number of.

Mission, Agency, Status, Launch date, EOL date, Applications, Instruments, Orbit details & URL. 3D Winds Three Dimensional Tropospheric Winds from Space. To obtain information about spacecraft using STK database files, use the StkSatelliteDatabase class. This type uses a directory and a base filename to identify a. Discover more about past, operational and future missions in the Satellite Missions database, which offers an extensive list of articles about spaceborne EO .

This KML network link visualizes all earth orbiting objects tracked by the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) using the satellite database. Full list and tools for all past, current and future earth observation satellites. That communication is established with the satellite and housekeeping information is retrieved. * Test ACS performance. * Take pictures of certain locations on. I have assembled a database of digital high to medium resolution (GSDsatellites. The data comes mostly from.


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